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Allen Eagle Tennis

Welcome to the Allen Eagle Tennis website.  

○ End of a great Fall Season concluding as District Champion.
○ Area Champion in State Playoffs
○ 23-3 overall record
○ #5 in state in the final rankings
○ 13 consecutive years in the Top 10!!!

Allen Eagles Tennis Fundraiser

Please help AHS Tennis by participating in our fundraising event.  Click on the link below to register for the team's Pickleball tournament. We appreciate the show for support. Our program and players will benefit directly from your entry.

Donate to AHS Tennis

Want to support AHS Tennis by giving a donation?  Here's your chance.  Click on the link below to complete your transaction.  Thank you for your support.  Our program and players will benefit directly from your generosity.

Donation link for AHS Tennis

Thank you for your kindness and continued support of the AHS Tennis program. We appreciate you.

Optional Items:

2023-2024 Spirit Wear & Car Decals

AHS Tennis has partnered with Home Team Prints. Spirit wear can be ordered throughout the year. Check out the link above.

2023-2024 Booster Meetings - Save the Date!

  • September Booster Meeting:  9/11/2023 @ 6:00pm - AHS
  • October Booster Meeting:  10/2/2023 @ 6:00pm - AHS
  • November Booster Meeting:  11/6/2023 @ 6:00pm - AHS
  • January Booster Meeting:  1/22/2024 @ 6:00pm - AHS
  • February Booster Meeting:  2/5/2024 @ 6:00pm - AHS
  • March Booster Meeting:  3/4/2024 @ 6:00pm - AHS
  • April Booster Meeting:  4/1/2024 @ 6:00pm - AHS
  • May Booster Meeting:  5/6/2024 @ 6:00pm - AHS
  • June Board Booster Planning Meeting:  6/3/2024 @ 6:00pm - AHS

2023-2024 AETBC Board and Committee Leads

President - Srinivasan Padmanabhan "Padhu"
Secretary - John Hauf
Treasurer - Surya Bommakanti
VP  - Florencia Ferrer
- Turkey Mixer - Geetha Alagappan & Tonia Tomlin
- Team Dinners - Nadine Hauf & Vandana Aggarwal
- Senior Night - Neeraja Bommakanti & Natalie Hankins
- Banquet - Neeraja Bommakanti
- Up All night - Volunteer Needed
- Player Showcase - Natalie Hankins
- Cards for Troops - Nadine Hauf

Thank you to all that have volunteered to take on these leadership positions.  Your time and dedication to AHS tennis is appreciated.

Add Photos to our Shutterfly account

We encourage everyone to upload photos to our AHS Tennis Shutterfly account as soon as possible after an event. We will be using images on the website, social media, photo albums and end of year banquet slideshow.  

  • Username:
  • Password: alleneagletennis

2024 AHS Tennis - Senior Scholarship Forms

Seniors and Senior Parents:  Please fill the form below and return it to   along with a commitment letter from your selected University to receive scholarships.

Varsity Record 2023-2024





JV Record 2023-2024






Eagles Landing Tennis Center
300 Rivercrest Blvd.
Allen, TX 75002

Allen ISD Announces Plan to Preserve Extracurricular Facilities 


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Beginning on January 3, 2022, Allen ISD will restrict access to its tennis courts and track and field facilities for students during school-related activities. The decision is being made to prolong the lifespan of its extracurricular competition surfaces, as the proposed repair and replacement projects at these facilities have been unsuccessful in past bond propositions. 

“Allen ISD strives to serve as a community partner and open these facilities to all taxpayers, but at the end of the day our students will always come first,” said Deputy Superintendent Daniel Pitcock. “Without the passage of a bond election, we unfortunately do not have the capacity for large-scale capital repairs that are needed at our tracks, fields, and tennis courts. Therefore, we must ensure that we maximize the existing facilities for our students.”

The district plans to address critical areas of damage and will perform basic patch-and-repair maintenance where necessary. These repairs, however, will not address the long-term needs of the facilities. 

The following facilities will be available for students during school-related activities only, beginning on January 3:

• Allen High School Tennis Complex
• Allen High School Track and Field Stadium (located at Greenville and Rivercrest)

Outside organizations may continue to rent the Track and Field Stadium. Renting and leasing can assist Allen ISD in funding small repairs, but the revenue is not substantial enough to cover large-scale capital projects. For more information, please visit Allen ISD’s Facility Rental webpage at

The district will continue to allow public access to its fenced-in playground areas at its elementary schools following 5:30 p.m. on weeknights and all day on the weekend. The playgrounds are closed to the public during the school day and during after-school care hours.